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Multimodal Project:

         Expository Writing:

o   John McCain: Political Affiliations and Relations

My Essays:

         Expository Writing:

o   Cause and Effect

o   Compare and Contrast

o   Descriptive Narrative

o   Exemplification

         World Literature:

o   Echo: The Original Master of Disguise

o   Valdrada and Sophronia: The Distorted Image Cities 

         Biblical Literature II:

o   More Than A Carpenter Book Review

         Foundations of Christian Thought:

o   Barack Obama: Christian Worldview?

         Calculus II:

o    The State That Attempted To Legislate Pi

         Historic Christian Belief:

o    Water from a Deep Well Book Review

         Writing for Teachers:

o   Journal Review

o    Voucher Research Paper

         Science Writing Contest:

o    Applications of Stochastics to the Debate between Free Will and Predestination