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One of my classmates was walking with me from Man Church on Saturday, and we were talking about the preceding week. The conversation started about classes, but then the conversation quickly shifted to what interesting things I did outside of class recently. I responded that I did not really do anything interesting that week. He said he had spent most of his time outside of class “hanging out”. He asked me if I had heard about the T-Harmony speed-dating event in the Student Union. I responded that I had seen the email, but I thought it was stupid and decided not to go to it. My companion, however, felt it was great idea, so he got two of his friend and went.

            He described how he had a competition with his two friends on who could be the most compulsive liar. Did he realize that as a freshman this would likely come back to haunt him later on at Taylor? As he used a peer’s name instead of his own to divert all the attention to another student at Taylor instead, he did not think so

            He repeatedly lied about being a sophomore and junior but not a senior, because he did not think he could pull it off. Did any of the girls actually know him?  He said that two did, but one only knew his name, so she caught his lie on the name but believed everything else.

            He went on to tell his favorite part of the night. He lied off the back stating he was a junior. She bought it saying she was a junior as well.

            He was a Psychology major; she responded that she was as well.

            Who was his favorite professor? It was Joe Lund, and coincidentally, it was her favorite as well.

            How did he like the class Life Span? He had not taken that class, so he bluffed. It was an OK class, but it was harder than he thought it would be going in. She felt the same way.

            At this point, he was thinking how he had to get away from this girl as quickly as he could but could not figure out an escape.

            She ran track; did he do any athletics? He did swimming and got third at State of course. She responded that she went to State as well, and his third place spot was a great performance. The placement disappointed him, because he felt that he could have beaten the people who beat him, and she completely understood.

            She left with how she would put him down as the best date of the night. It is left to be seen how this human drama will likely play out. My bets are on him regretting his decision to play around with girl’s emotions, when the girls he was lying to inevitably find out that he was putting them on.


©2008 Jorge Eduardo Fernandez